13. Project Stakeholder Management

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13.4 Control Stakeholder Engagement

Control Stakeholder Engagement means to monitor relationships, communications and performance of stakeholder management processes.  In this process the project team confirms and adjusts as needed the stakeholder communication, and engagement steps with the goal of optimizing stakeholder relationships and motivation to meet project objectives.  The Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs for this process are below in fig 46. 

13.4 fig 46 p 410.png

Figure 46. Develop Project Charter: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs. Reprinted from "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), 5th Edition" by Project Management Institute, 2013, p.410. Copyright 2013 by Project Management Institute, Inc. Reprinted without permission.

 Process Definition

Stakeholder engagement process validates the and corrects the processes outlined in the Plan Stakeholder Management process. Stakeholder motivation, involvement and communications keep project activities moving forward.     

Process Assessment

The goal of this process is to increase the value and improve the result of stakeholder engagement for the current project and those to come.  The outputs of this process like the others  are included in the Organizational Process Assets for future projects.



During the course I hadn't developed an issues listed to be used in a project. During PMGT614 we were required to right a blog about Issues Lists and Safety reports.  This Blog describes the importance of an Issues list and how they are used.  In it I also developed a sample issues list.  see 13.4.1

Tools & Techniques

In PMGT611 we were required to use expert judgement to analyze and respond to stakeholder conflicts in the Cerberus Corporation.  The Project Manager Susan Steele had been task with several unique situation.  We were ask how we would resolve these if we were Susan.  see 13.4.2 


The last artifact in for this process is also a blog. which was done to identify stakeholder communication/engagement and how that was documented.  When it comes to stakeholders' engagement its critical to update and log all these communication for a couple of reasons first it provide a document to show the communication took place and optimally what it was about.  Second it can provide input update to the stakeholder register, risk register and issues logs if needed.  Although not directly related to a change request or Work performance information those may be discussed as well.  see13.4.3


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